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Poshan is useful in bio organic farming because it is eco friendly. Poshan contain vitamin and hormones which leads the growth of flower and fruit in the crop. It increase the number of flowers and also generate new leaves in the crop. Poshan is also increase the size of the fruit. It increase the immunity of the crop. It also increase the concentration/ level of the chlorophyll of the plant.

Composition: Poshan is biofertilizer made from the processed biogas liquid.

Mechanism Of Action

  • Poshan, a biofertilizer derived from processed biogas liquid, holds significant value in the realm of bio organic farming due to its eco-friendly nature and myriad benefits.
  • The anaerobic digestion process produces this innovative biofertilizer, breaking down organic materials to create biogas and enriching the byproduct – Poshan.
  • Poshan marks its application in bio-organic farming with environmental friendliness, perfectly aligning with sustainable agricultural practices. When farmers use it as a soil amendment, applying a recommended dosage of 5 liters per acre enriches the soil with vital nutrients and beneficial microorganisms.
  • For foliar application, farmers achieve an effective solution for enhancing crop health by diluting 200 ml of Poshan in 15 liters of water. It boosts crop immunity and increases the concentration/level of chlorophyll in the plant.

Benefits of Poshan

  • Increase the number of flower and fruits in the crop.
  • Increase the size and sweetness of the fruits 3. Promote the growth of new leaves.
  • Improve the level of chlorophyll in the crop
  • It promotes eco-friendly farming practices, contributing to sustainable agriculture and reduced environmental impact.
  • It is enriched with vitamins and hormones that actively stimulate the growth of flowers and fruits in crops.

Mixing And Application

Soil Application:
Apply 5 ltr of poshan in 1 acre of land. Foliar application: 200 ml in 15 ltr water.

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