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Plant Stick decreases the contact angle of water droplet to any surface like leaf, soil etc. It increases the spreading of water droplet on the leaf during the pesticide spray. It is helpful as a sticking agent and activator pesticide formulation used as a water soluble spraying agent, so there must be high penetration capacity of pesticide.
Composition Non Ionic Surfactant 25%.


Mechanism Of Action

Plant Stick increases the penetration of pesticide, fungicide and herbicide/ weedicide.

Rain Resistance

Excellent Permeability

Spreading And Activator

Benefits of Plant Stick

1. Plant Stick increases rain fastness of pesticide.
2. Reduced dose of pesticide/ fungicide.
3. Increases effectiveness of pesticide, fungicide and herbicide.
4. It allows any pesticide spray for even distribution on leaf surface

Mixing And Application

Foliar Spray:   30 ml in 15 ltr of water
Soil application:   1ltr in 200 ltr of water

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