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Nutri Sure is specially developed to enhance the overall growth of crops. The biological substrate present in it maintains proper nutrient availability to root zone and maintain crop growth.

Composition:Natural Leonardite Extract + Seaweed Extract + Bacterial Content.


Mechanism Of Action

Nutri Sure stimulates signaling pathway of crops and maintain overall hormonal balance in crops.

Increase The Soil Fertility

Increase Productivity

Increase Bacterial Content

Benefits of Nutri Sure

1. Nutri Sure stimulates growth of plant.
2. Increases root number.
3. Stimulates microbial activity in soil.
4. Facilitate bio available nutrients in soil.
5. Improves the quality of each and every crop.
6. Eco friendly, Safer for environment.
7. No toxicity on animals and humans 100 percent bio degradable.

Mixing And Application

Soil Application:
Apply 500gm  in one acre land with organic fertilizer or through drip irrigation.
Seed Treatment:
Apply 20gm of Nutri sure for 1 kg of seeds and soak them for 1hr.

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