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Nutri Banana is especially developed to regulate the growth of banana crops. It helps in stimulating the signaling pathway in crops as well as manages the hormonal balance in crops. Content present in the formula provides proper nutrient availability to roots and stimulates crop growth with biologically available nutrients.

CompositionNatural Leonardite Extract + Seaweed Extract + Beneficial Bacteria.


Mechanism Of Action

Nutri Banana stimulates the signalling pathway of crops as well as maintains overall hormonal balance in crops.

Specially For Banana Plant

Increase Quality Of Banana

Increase Nutrient Uptake

Benefits of Nutri Banana

1.Nutri Banana stimulates the growth of plant.
2.Enhances the growth of rhizomes.
3.Stimulates microbial activity in soil.
4.Facilitates bio available nutrients in soil.
5.Improves the quality of banana.
6.Eco friendly, Safer for environment.
7.No toxicity on animals and humans 100 percent bio degradable.

Mixing And Application

Add 350gm – 400gm per acre. Mix Nutri Banana with soil or compost and broadcast in soil or Dissolve Nutri Banana in water and drench or supply with flood water or by drip irrigation system, to root zone of crops.

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