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MyLab is advance media kit (Do It Yourself) prepared by vise organic for the mass production of Trichoderma Viride, Beauveria Bassiana, paecilomyces lilanisum, Azotobacter, Rhizobium,PSB,KMB, Acetobacter and many other bacteria. By using this MyLab technology any person can produce this bio pesticide and bio fertilizer at home or farm.

Composition: MyLab Technology developed using highly sterile media for mass multiplication of Biofertilizer.

Mechanism Of Action

This bio fermentor allows any farmers to produce various bio fertilizer at the time of requirement in farm. This Unique technology saves farmers valuable money in input purchase for farms.  This self produced bio fertilizer is capable of producing 10 to 100 times more microbes than usual biofertilizers.

Benefits of MyLab Technology

1. Fresh and Active culture to use in farm.
2. Affordable bio fertilizer for farm use.

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