What is Diatom?

Diatom is a natural product for plant and vegetables that removes pests in a non-chemical way. This makes it impossible for pests to develop the resistance power to survive. It can be used to control bedbugs, mites and slugs. Diatom is 100% safe and has no residual effect. It is made of fossilized remains of single-cell algae called diatoms. The wall of this diatoms consists of solica, which makes insects try out and die by absorbing the oils and fats from the cuticle of the insects exoskeleton. The sharp edges speed up the process. Diatom remains effective as long as it’s kept dry and undisturbed.

Feature of Diatom:

  • Diatom is Natural product for plants and vegetables that can be used either dry or wet method.
  • Diatom is 100% safe with no residual effect.
  • No effect on Honey bee and butterfly by using Diatom.
  • Diatom mechanically removes pests not chemically so pest couldn’t develop the resistance power to survive

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