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Bio Tea is especially developed for better and overall growth of tea. Bio Tea stimulates signaling pathway in crops and maintains overall hormonal balance in crops. Biological substrate is involved in enhancing proper nutrient availability in root zone. It manages crop growth with bio available plant nutrients.

CompositionNatural Leonardite Extract + Seaweed Extract + Beneficial Bacteria.


Mechanism Of Action

Bio Tea makes a pathway for micro nutrients to penetrate faster through the roots which makes it easier for plan to absorb nutrients from soil as well as it improves plant resistance to environmental stress factor.

Develop New Leaf

Specially For Tea Plant

Improved Microbial Growth

Benefits of Bio Tea

1.Bio Tea provides essential amino acid for normal growth.
2.Useful in new leaf development.
3.Stimulates flower generation.
4.Stimulates hormonal system of plant.
5.Increases top branch and cell differentiation.
6.Increases in height of crop.
7.Reduces pre-harvest drop of flowers and fruits.

Mixing And Application

Soil Application: Apply 400 gm in 1 acre.
Foliar Application: Dilute 1gm of Bio Tea in 1 liter water and through foliar application spray on both the side of leaves.

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