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Amrutam contain hormones which leads the overall growth of plant. Amrutam is useful in bioorganic farming because it is eco friendly. It contains all type of micronutrients which leads the growth of the root of the plant. It will increase the water holding capacity of soil and also improve seed germination rate. It increase the number of beneficial microorganism in the soil. It improve the fertility of the soil and also increase the plant immunity.
Composition:  Amrutam is biofertilizer made from the processed biogas liquid.

Mechanism Of Action

Soil Application: Apply 5 ltr of Amrutam in 1 acre of land.
Foliar application: 200 ml in 15 ltr water.

Rain Resistance

Excellent Permeability

Spreading And Activator

Benefits of Amrutam

1. Mobilizes potash in all types of soil and increases yield of crops up to 15- 20%.
2. Increases resistance of crops to hot & dry condition.
3. Improves quality of fruit & grains.
4. Increases sugar contains and size of fruits.
5. Helps in proper photosynthesis.
6. Being an environment friendly biological fertilizer good alternative for chemical fertilizers.

Mixing And Application

Seed Treatment/Seed Dressing:
Use 10ml of KMB per 100ml of water or mix it with 20gm sugar/jaggery for 1kg of seeds. After being uniformly wet shake them gently to form uniform layer of culture coating. Then dry the seeds in shade for 20-25 minutes.
Root Dipping:
As per the requirement, mix the bio fertilizer in 5-10 litres of water. Later dip the roots of seedlings up to half an hour before transplantation.
Soil Application:
Add 500ml of liquid fertilizer in 100 litres of water and apply at 1 acre of land through drip irrigation or drench the soil at proper moisture of land.

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