Vise Organic Wins BSE impact 2019 Award

 Since inception of Vise Organic, We have continously working for the growth of business with our innovative products. In Vise Organic, We  Manufacturer of Bio Fertilizer, Biopesticide and PGR Products for Organic farming. We have new technology developed for organic farming.  

Technology Named “MyLab”.Mylab is a small kit for self bacterial cultivation. This bacteria used as a biofertilizer in agriculture. Our kit can reduce the cost of 70% of your biofertilizer requirement.

 In 2019 We have received one of the prestigious Award Named “BSE Impact 2019” for Our Social Innovation in Organic Farming Technology. We are honored to receive by CEO of Bombay Stock Exchange. The event organized at Bombay Stock exchange, Mumbai.  This award received for Social innovation impact created by Vise Organic.  All event is organized by BSE institute at Bombay Stock Exchange. 

After award a two days training provided to startup by BSE institute at Bombay Stock exchange. We , Vise Organic,Thankful to IIC PDPU, BSE Impact, Mr. Vikrant Potnis, Mr. Abhinav Kapadiya for their continuous support in our startup growth and development.  



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