Soil Carbon is made up of Organic Carbon. Soil Carbon is special product for increasing organic carbon ratio in soil. Soil organic carbon is divided between living soil biota and dead biotic material derived from biomass. Together these comprise the soil food web, with the living component sustained by the biotic material component. It releases nutrients for plant growth, promotes the structure, biological and physical health of soil, and is a buffer against harmful substances. Soil organic carbon is part of the natural carbon cycle, and the world's soils holds around twice the amount of carbon that is found in the atmosphere and in vegetation.

Provides direct source of organic carbon in soil. Stimulate growth, Increase root number, Stimulated microbial activity in soil, Facilitate bio available nutrients in soil, Enhance weight. Eco friendly, Safer for environment, No toxicity on animals and humans 100 percent bio degradable.

Dose : 200 – 400gm per acre. Mix Soil Carbon with soil or compost and broadcast in soil. OR Dissolv Soil Carbon in water and drench or supply with flood water or by drip irrigation system, to root zone of crops.

200gm, 400gm, 1kg.