Nutri Wheat specially developed for better and overall growth of wheat crops. Nutri Wheat stimulates signalling pathway of crops and maintain overall hormonal balance in crops. Biological substrate maintain proper nutrient availability in root zone and manage crops growth with bio available plant nutrients.Vise Organic Manufacturer and Supplier of best quality Wheat Special PGR Product with mycorrhiza and other organic combination from Vadodara, Gujarat.

Stimulate growth, Increase root number, Stimulated microbial activity in soil, Facilitate bio available nutrients in soil, Enhance weight in rice. Eco friendly, Safer for environment, No toxicity on animals and humans 100 percent bio degradable.

Dose : 200 – 400gm per acre. Mix Nutri Wheat with soil or compost and broadcast in soil. OR Dissolv Nutri Wheat in water and drench or supply with flood water or by drip irrigation system, to root zone of crops.

200gm, 400gm, 1kg.