Eco Safe is Best Quality Organic Fungicide of Vise Organic. Vise Organic is Manufacturer and Supplier of Organic Fungicide. Vise Organic Manufacture Organic Fungicide with highest standards of Industries.

Alternative to harsh chemicals, Fully dissolves in water, Odorless – no foul smell, Sprays on evenly and sticks to plant surfaces, Fruit and vegetables can be harvested as soon as 1 hour after spraying, Does not restrict plant growth, Economical, Does not accumulate in soil, Compatible with many beneficial insects, For Organic Production, Use Eco Safe with indoor and hydroponic gardening.

Dose : Dilute 100 gm of Eco Safe in 15 liter water and spray over both side of leaf.

100gm, 250gm, 500gm, 1kg.